Age of Danger



Bestselling author Thom Shanker and defense expert Andrew Hoehn offer an urgent look at how America’s national security machine went astray and how it fails to keep us safe—and what we can do to fix it.

Again and again, American taxpayers are asked to open their wallets and pay for a national security machine that costs $1.25 trillion to operate. How is it possible that the United States Government gets it so wrong on so many critical issues, and so often? And if our expensive national security machine is not working, what can be done?

Enter Thom Shanker, bestselling author and former New York Times editor, along with Andrew Hoehn, RAND SVP of Research and Analysis and former Pentagon official, who have not only decades of national security expertise between them, but access to virtually every expert with something valuable to say.


If our expensive national security machine is not working, what can be done?

Age of Danger looks at the major challenges facing America—from superpowers like Russia and China to emerging threats like pandemics, cybersecurity, climate change, and drones—and reimagines the national security apparatus into something that can truly keep Americans safe. After several decades focused primarily on the imminent threat of terrorism, it is time for America to once again be forward thinking in its national security, before we lose pace with a new generation of threats. Weaving together expert analysis with exclusive interviews from a who’s who of national security, including Robert Gates, Stanley McChrystal, Eric Schmidt, and Michael Leiter, Shanker and Hoehn argue that the United States must create an industrial-grade, life-saving machine out of a system that, for too long, was focused only on  deterring adversaries and carrying out global military operations.

It is a timely and crucial call to action, a call that if heeded, could save Americans lives, money, and our very future on the global stage.



Hoehn and Shanker make a powerful case …They clearly define a new outlook, and the new set of institutional tools to manage the Age of Danger in which we find ourselves today.”
Chuck Hagel, former Secretary of Defense

“A knowledgeable and convincing tour of where and how America’s safeguards should be strengthened.”
Publishers Weekly

In this timely volume, two leading experts help us think through new approaches to tune up the vast machine of national security.”

Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and author of 2034: A Novel of the Next World War

Creative and thought-provoking, this book is a must read for students, policy practitioners and concerned citizens alike.”

Michele Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

“Age of Danger leaves us with no excuses…This is a clear, direct, and understandable must-read for anyone concerned about the nation’s security.”

William “Mac” Thornberry, former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee

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About The Authors

ANDREW HOEHN is senior vice president and director of research at the RAND Corporation. He is the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy where he was responsible for developing and implementing US force planning and assessments in addition to long- range policy planning.

THOM SHANKER is the director of the Project for Media and National Security. He is the former national security and foreign policy editor for The New York Times’ Washington Bureau, and he is coauthor of the The New York Times bestseller Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda.

Events & Media Appearances:

Hoehn and Shanker will be discussing Age of Danger at D.C. independent bookstore Politics & Prose on Saturday, May 13th.
5015 Connecticut Avenue NW


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